Channel Partner Program

Collaboration, commitment, investment.

From its inception, Paycasso has recognised and acknowledged success is an achievement driven by many. Sincere and meaningful collaboration is a fundamental requirement. It is ultimately the long term commitment in those that share your values which produces the most successful partnerships.  That commitment must include significant and continued investment in your partners’ mutual success.

Paycasso's Channel Partner Programme was built on these core principles. We consider ourselves as priviledged to count global brands in consultancy, software systems and data service providers as we do those who are relatively less well known in the marketplace, as partners in this programme. Some directly integrate our products or the broader platform within their own application suite, to deliver best-in-class solutions for financial services, insurance and healthcare. Other partners leverage our technology and expertise to enhance the consulting or technical services they deliver. But all benefit from the collaborative power of our Channel Partner Programme—and so can you.

Why Partner with Paycasso?

Excellence in Service and Support

At Paycasso, we never outsource or offshore any Client Support Service —our personnel are trained in-house and located across our network.

Much more than identity verification

Paycasso offers the only automated, real-time global customer identification platform — its component product suite delivers end-to-end customer life cycle management that is both efficient and effective.

Paycasso delivers a genuinely innovative solution for clients looking to reduce friction in the customer on-boarding process. This coupled with a collaborative support channel makes Paycasso an effective way for us to make a difference for our clients.

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Dedicated resources and training

Paycasso offers APIs and SDKs, enabling your company to create streamlined solutions that seamlessly integrate Paycasso’s powerful capabilities into your own customer-facing solutions. Paycasso’s APIary is a secure repository in which the Paycasso Web API (RESTful API Suite) and SDKs (iOS & Android) are comprehensively described.  APIary contains code samples (in a number of programming languages), that describe all interactions with our endpoints together with sample responses. It contains everything your developers need to get started.

Dedicated partner resources

We’re here for your success, with first-class client support, joint marketing and collaboration, and strategic planning.


We work hand-in-hand with your team from the beginning. Our Channel Partner support programs include online training, remote one-to-one interactive sessions, or person to person at your premises. 

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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