Patents and Trademarks

Information security and Patents have always been connected. The security of our clients information is a primary duty of care. Processes, routines, awareness and technology are all countermeasures that help protect intangible assets. Paycasso's IP Rights strategy has therefore been a fundamental component of our comprehensive approach to information security.

The following issued Patents cover Paycasso's Verisure™ technology:

US Patent No. 8,908,977                   US Patent No. 9,122,911                US Patent No. 9,396,383        
GB Patent No. 2,527,720                 South African Patent No. 2015/07202 
EP Patent No.2784723 (Germany, Estonia, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey)

The following pending Patents cover Paycasso's Verisure™ technology:

Australia Application No.2014242689 [PCT/GB2014/050993 (WO2014/155130)]
Brazil Application No.BR 11 2015 024773 3 [PCT/GB2014/050993 (WO2014/155130)]
China Application No.2014800309085 [PCT/GB2014/050993 (WO2014/155130)]
Mexico Application No.MX/a/2015/013766 [PCT/GB2014/050993 (WO2014/155130)]

The following issued Patents cover Paycasso's Instasure™ technology:

US Patent No. 9,396,383
GB Patent No. 2,500,823

The following pending Patent covers Paycasso's Instasure™ technology:

BVI Registration of GB Patent No. 2,500,823

Paycasso’s technology is also covered by the following pending Patent:

GB Application No.1,602,863.1

Paycasso® is a Registered Trademark of Paycasso Verify Limited and Paycasso Verify, Inc.