About Us

Founded in 2012, Paycasso is headquartered in St. James’s, London, England with offices in Kentucky, USA, Kiev, Ukraine and Sydney, Australia. Paycasso is a provider of market-leading software that simply and effectively verifies the identity of consumers engaged in mobile, online or in-person transactions. Companies are struggling to recruit more customers, manage their personal and financial data, and maintain compliance with the appropriate regulatory bodies. The company’s unique, patented suite of products (VeriSure™, InstaSure™, DocuSure™ & IdentiSure™) helps them to address these critical challenges whilst mitigating the corporate and consumer risks associated with impersonation fraud and identity theft. 

In addressing today's question of trust in our "digital identity', one has to revisit and challenge the historical models that we were reliant upon. The request and submission of a users self asserted personal information, even when combined with personal knowledge based queries, no longer delivers a level of "trust" that is commercially viable.

In our drive to address these fundamental issues, Paycasso delivers solutions that not only leverage the only real world trusted individual identity instrument – a government issued ID, but combines this assurance with the physical presence of the ID holder through a highly secure, simple and effective digital transaction.

Solutions that support digital commerce today and for our future.


Customer Focus

A consistent emphasis on an open and collaborative environment. Acknowledge our customers as individuals and incorporate their voice directly into product development.

Drive long-term value through leveraging our acquired knowledge to help individual customers achieve their own desired outcomes.

  • Drive innovation through partnerships
  • Understand our customers’ individual values
  • Respond and deliver to our customers with relevance and speed
  • Make our partnerships personal

Security & Safety

Information security and safety is a core value.

  • Committed responsibility to our clients in supporting their enterprise risk managemant, regulatory compliance, corporate social responsibility and information assurance
  • Deliver information security throught the supply chain – transmission, access and storage
  • Effectively mitigate fradulent practices
  • Ensuring ethical use of personally identifiable information


Empower our employees through a value-based environment, ensuring they develop the essential traits to excel in a collaborative culture.

  • Foster creativity and communication
  • Celebrate strength in different backgrounds
  • Earn trust and shared accountability
  • Place a premium on openness